Generac VB9

2014 Trim-E VB9 Tower Light – £3,750 + VAT. Delivery possible at an extra charge. Equipped with 4 x 300w high efficiency LED floodlights with the ability to save up to 75% on fuel and carbon emissions the new VB9 is perfect for outside events or lighting your site when the nights get dark. Due to its reduced fuel consumption the VB9 provides a substantially increased run time of 320 hours, resulting in monthly refuelling as opposed to weekly. It is fitted with a vertical mast (hydraulically raised and lowered) – which eliminates the dangers associated with – Horizontal Mast Lighting Towers. Choice of 50 machines with hours ranging from 1,500 to 2,500.


Manufacturer: Trim-E
Model: VB9
Condition: used
Year: 2014
Category: Light Tower in United Kingdom
Subcategory: Road Construction Equipment


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